CSKA Fixtures

Harborough Town
CSKA Carnabys
League Fixture
Date: Sunday 7 May 2023
Venue: Bowdens Park
Referee: Steve Kings

CSKA Squad

2. Matt Westerman
3. Connor Williams
4. Gareth Walker
5. Manni Rai
6. Dan Danes
7. Dave Payne
8. Hiran Mistry
10. Chris McCafferty
25. Ruben Capp
26. Josh McDougall
28. Will McNamee
38. Matt Danes
45. Olly Arnold
46. Ben Ragg
48. Tom Marshall
49. Jack Ellis
61. Olly McDougall

Previous Meetings

15 Jan 2023LeagueCSKA Carnabys 1-2 Harborough Town
Hiran Mistry
07 Apr 2013LeagueHarborough Hotshots 4-2 CSKA Carnabys
Craig Cheadle
Jonny Norwell
16 Dec 2012LeagueCSKA Carnabys 3-1 Harborough Hotshots
Jonny Norwell 3
27 Nov 2011League CupCSKA Carnabys 4-2 Harborough Hotshots
Craig Cheadle 3
Luke Williamson

Pitch Address

Bowdens Park. LE16 9HF

Other Fixtures

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