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Thompson Set For Return? Midfield enforcer trains with CSKA

After weeks of rumours, Dave Thompson returned to CSKA training on Monday supposedly with a view to a permanent re-signing.


The snappy midfielder has been away from the CSKA fold since the end of the 2017/18 season, making his last appearance in the away defeat at Suecastle back in May 2018. In his first stint at the club he racked up 103 appearances for CSKA and scored 11 goals, the most famous coming in the epic 4-3 League Cup Quarter-Final at Gaunt in 2016. 


Thompson is said to be keen to get going again, and after his first training session, showed no signs that he’s lost any of his competitive nature in the middle of the park, with many of the last spending time at the end of drills realigning their shin pads.


Ever with the eye for fashion, Thompson is also believed to be keen on getting a new kit upon signing.

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