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Bav Steps Up Assistant Manager Role For Club Legend

CSKA have confirmed that club veteran Bav Gangajalia will step up into the role of Second Team Assistant Manager for the start of the 2021-22 season. The move comes following the departure of Jay Karsandas from his position as joint-manager, alongside Steve Maggs who will continue his role.


Since joining the club in 2014, Gangajalia has made over 130 appearances for the CSKA II team and has become a stalwart of the team.  His passion, commitment and enthusiasm both on the pitch and in the dressing room are what convinced club Chairman Chris McCafferty to promote the attacker. “I’m delighted to have Bav joining the coaching staff.” McCafferty told us, “He is one of the most committed and personable people at the club, and I hope that will rub onto the squad for the new season after a difficult 2020/21.”


Gangajalia sat down with CSKACarnabys.com to discuss his new role. After seven years at the club, he felt that now was the time to take on a new challenge. “When you are a newbie in any team it takes a while to win team mates love and respect and you have to earn your place. Over the years with CSKA I’ve seen the team mates’ love and respect for me grow year on year to the point where I feel confident to have their trust as manager.”


Working alongside Maggs, whom he has played alongside throughout his career Gangajalia comes into the role with a vision, too. “We have talented players in our team so our job becomes hard as management. However, giving them a role on the pitch according to their talent means were all singing off the same hymn sheet and their skills are best utilised – hopefully this will turn up results and maybe even get us a trophy.”


As a man who knows his way around the kitchen, it was only fitting he shared his recipe for a player that’s the first name on his team sheet. “You can have a spectacular curry using many condiments but without salt it just won’t work. Salt brings out the taste in anything, so the first name on my sheet is the player that can bring out the quality of the rest of the players… so we can play well as a team.”  

“I love the club, the players, and will give it everything.”  A strong sentiment. Time will tell if it will lead to a strong season for CSKA II.

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