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Alliance Cup Group 1

Latest Table

2ndFC Tumar138234321+2226
3rdBraunstone Park146623820+1824
5thEnderby and District144463646-1016
6thCSKA Carnabys144193148-1713

Upcoming Fixtures

Wed 11 MayBeaumont Town vs Mossdale Rangers
Wed 11 MayMerry Monarch vs Harborough Town
Wed 11 MayNorthfields Sundays vs Birstall Social
Wed 11 MayOadby Athletic 2012 vs FC Cherry Tree
Wed 11 MayRavenstone 2018 vs Aylestone St James
Fri 13 MayWhitwick Wanderers vs Newstock Rangers
Fri 13 MayWigston Willow Rangers vs Lutterworth Athletic

Recent Results

Mon 05 SepBlack Dog Oadby 2-1 Van Circle
Mon 05 SepCFA 0-3 NEBA
Mon 05 SepFC Tumar 0-0 Braunstone Park
Mon 12 SepBraunstone Park 3-1 CSKA Carnabys
Mon 12 SepEnderby and District 0-3 Black Dog Oadby
Mon 12 SepVan Circle 1-4 FC Tumar
Mon 19 SepFC Tumar 8-0 Enderby and District
Mon 19 SepNEBA 6-1 CSKA Carnabys
Mon 19 SepVan Circle 1-6 Braunstone Park
Mon 26 SepNEBA 5-5 Van Circle
Mon 03 OctBlack Dog Oadby 0-3 CSKA Carnabys
Mon 03 OctEnderby and District 2-2 NEBA
Mon 10 OctBlack Dog Oadby 1-6 NEBA
Mon 10 OctEnderby and District 2-6 Braunstone Park
Mon 10 OctFC Tumar 2-3 CFA
Mon 17 OctCFA 3-1 CSKA Carnabys
Mon 17 OctNEBA 5-3 FC Tumar
Mon 24 OctBlack Dog Oadby 1-5 Braunstone Park
Mon 24 OctEnderby and District 1-1 CFA
Mon 24 OctFC Tumar 0-2 CSKA Carnabys

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